Sandblasting is a process where sand is propelled with compressed air at a very high rate of speed. When the sand contacts the surface being sandblasted, it literally chips away all the paint and rust, exposing a perfect (grey) metal surface. Sandblasting is ideal for hard to access areas such as patterns on a wrought iron bed frame, lawn furniture, etc.

What can be Sandblasted?

Any heavy metal surface can be sandblasted. Car rims, ornamental iron, railings, trailer hitches, bumpers, boat and utility trailers, snow plows, car and truck frames, car parts, headers, manifolds, cast iron radiators, steel lawn furniture and countless other surfaces. However, there are some surfaces that cannot be sandblasted such as sheet metal which will warp from the heat generated during sandblasting. If you have any questions please call or stop by for an estimate.

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