Fuel Talk

Gas Prices To Spike Today

ST. CLOUD (KNSI) JUL 11, 2013 AT 3:21 PM
Gas prices have been creeping higher in the last couple of days, and now, a local fuel expert warns they could spike by the end of Thursday.

Feneis: Fuel Futures "Volatile"

ST. CLOUD (KNSI) FEB 15, 2013 AT 9:11 AM
The price of gasoline is topping out at $3.79 a gallon at stations around the St. Cloud area today, and one local expert says that the sharp increase in cost through the last week is the direct result of an unstable futures market.

Surging Gas Prices Fuel Most Expensive Year

ST. CLOUD (KNSI) AUG 16, 2012 AT 8:58 AM
It's been a horrible six weeks for drivers nationwide with surging crude oil costs and refinery woes and likely making 2012 the costliest year ever at the pump.

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